July 26, 2014 Update on Power Restoration

We restored service to the majority of the OCEC membership around 11:20 AM on Friday. Okanogan PUD did a Herculean effort to get the transmission line over Loup Loup repaired and back on-line. The length of the outage was approximately 7 days and 19 hours.

Yesterday we also restored service to the majority of members who had taken out their meters to hook generators to the load lugs. We are completing the rest of these this morning.  We had a two-man crew from Chelan PUD to assist us in this effort. With our four man line crew, we had three crews of two work these.

We had two crews from sister cooperatives help us in service restoration. The Umatilla Electric Cooperative crew from Hermiston, Oregon is working up Highway 20 towards Loup Loup. The Inland Power Cooperative crew from Spokane was working Upper Beaver creek area off Highway 20 near Loup Loup.  At about 10 PM last night they were able to get a significant number of members in these areas back on. These crews will continue working these areas today and tomorrow.

Also, we got the smart metering up and running this morning so we can check in with our meters to see which ones are not responding in order to narrow the restoration effort.

As of 6:30 AM on Saturday, we have approximately 75 services still to restore.

Thank you for your patience this week. Our hearts and thoughts continue to be with the hundreds of people who lost their homes in the fire.  

If you live in the areas of Beaver Creek, Balky Hill, and Loup Loup crews are working hard to restore your power.  If you don't live in the aforementioned areas please contact the Co-op so we can dispatch a crew to troubleshoot.


July 24, 2014 Safety Bulletin

GENERATORS (Direct wired into meter base)
•  OCEC must be notified IMMEDIATELY if a generator is connected directly to a meter base.

•  OCEC line crews will be disconnecting transformers at all known meter base installs as a safety precaution. If a generator is still connected to a meter base when the main line is re-energized there is potential for safety hazards as well as damage to the generator.

•  Once the mainline power is connected crews will begin reconnecting transformers. Please contact OCEC to coordinate this with your generator disconnects.


•  Okanogan County Electric Cooperative is responsible for all repairs on electrical services from the line to the transformer.

•  If you have an overhead service OCEC is responsible to the weatherhead, while homeowners are responsible to the panel.

•  If you have underground services homeowners are responsible for all repairs from the transformer to the panel. Contact a licensed electrician for these repairs.

  • It is advised that you check your home for lights and appliances that may need to be shut off or unplugged in anticipation of the power being restored; this will reduce the chance of a major draw on the power lines.
OCEC staff may be reached at 996-2228, we have extended our office hours during this time.
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